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Hot Weather Hacks: 5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer!

Labrador lying on the grass with his tongue out on a clear sunny day

Hey there, dog lovers! Debs here! I've taken over the Bounders Blog today to bring you some cool tips on how to help you and your dog beat the heat this Summer!

It's so important to keep our furry friends cool and comfortable as the weather gets warmer and just like us, dogs can really feel the heat. It's up to us to help them stay safe and well so we can enjoy a pawsome, adventure filled Summer together!

1. Seek Out Shade and H2O:

Imagine yourself lounging under a shady tree with a refreshing drink in hand—well, our dogs need that too! Create shaded spots in your garden where your pup can take a break from the blazing sun. Consider setting up a cosy den with a cool mat or pegging up a sheet between fence posts! And remember, keeping your dog hydrated is vital! Make sure their water bowl is always filled with fresh, cool water. It's like having a canine oasis in your backyard!

2. Cool Down the Fun:

We all know dogs love to play and explore, but when the temperature soars, it's best to play it cool. Schedule walkies during the cooler parts of the day, like early mornings or evenings when the sun is less scorching. This way, you can enjoy a delightful walk or a game of fetch without overheating. Keep an eye on your furry friend and look for signs of panting or distress. If they need a break, invite them indoors to chill out and relax.

3. Skip the Car Ride:

Here's a hot tip: never, and I mean never, leave your dog in a parked car. Even if it's just for a quick errand, the inside of a car can heat up rapidly, putting your pooch at risk of heatstroke or worse. Leave them at home where they can lounge in comfort, and if they give you that adorable puppy-eye look, promise them an extra special treat when you return!

A brindle and white boxer dog lying on the grass with her tongue out on a clear sunny day, blue skies and white clouds

4. Chill Out Techniques:

When it comes to cooling down your pup, get creative! Grab a damp towel or a cooling vest to give them instant relief. It's like giving them their very own doggy spa treatment! Frozen treats or ice cubes are also a fantastic idea to help regulate their body temperature while satisfying their taste buds. And hey, who says only humans can splash around? Set up a mini-pool or find a dog-friendly beach nearby for some wet and wild fun!

5. Watch Out for Heatstroke:

While we're all about the fun, it's crucial to keep an eye out for signs of heatstroke. If your furry friend starts panting excessively, drooling, acting lethargic, or even vomiting, it's time to act fast! Move them to a cooler area, gently apply some cool water to their fur, and contact your vet for guidance. Your quick response could be a lifesaver!

Paw-some Takeaways..

So, my fellow dog enthusiasts, as the temperature rises, let's ensure our furry buddies stay cool and happy throughout the hot weather. Provide shade, keep that water bowl brimming, and limit outdoor activities during the hottest hours. Don't forget to pamper them with cooling techniques and, most importantly, watch for signs of heatstroke. By following these friendly tips, you and your furry friend can have a woof-tastic summer full of wagging tails, wet noses, and priceless memories.

A golden retriever lying sideways on the grass looking at the camera

At Bounders, Your Pooch is Number 1!

Summer is our busiest time of year. Most of our wonderful clients want the beautiful sunshiney shots of their beloved dog but sometimes it can just get a bit TOO hot. Your dog's safety and well-being is our priority. Plus, we need to keep Joe out of the sun as well! We aim to keep photo session times to the cooler hours of the day where your dog will be more comfortable having a romp around with Joe and he'll always have a bottle of water on hand for quick slurps between shots.

This is one of the reasons we started doing the Summer Sunset Adventure. A fun, midweek opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the Derbyshire countryside while Joe captures your dog looking absolutely epic against the evening sky.. all the lovely sunshine without the searing heat! Perfect :)

Do you have any other tips for keeping your dogs cool in the warm weather? Let us know in the comments!

Best Woofs,

Debs 🐾


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