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The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers is...sometimes they have other ideas!

A perfect sky, a perfect setting. This photo session was going to be…well, perfect!

My subjects thought otherwise.

Tigger and Evie the Boxer Dogs with their owner in a lake at Pleasley Pit Country Park, in front of a summer sunset. Tigger is convinced he is drowning, even though his feet are on the bottom.

Despite having his feet firmly on the bottom of the lake and his head comfortably out the water, Tigger had convinced himself he was drowning, and poor Evie the three legged boxer cross bore the brunt of his efforts to stay even more afloat then he already was. Their owner was beginning to wish he hadn’t volunteered to wade into the cold water with his pups, and even I was starting to wonder if we’d get the necessary portrait in time before we lost the sunset. Like his namesake, Tigger was on springs throughout the entire photo session and had zero recall at the time (hence the long lead).

Tigger the Boxer pup in a lake at sunset

The session was organised by Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue for their charity calendar, and both dogs were rescues who’d been rehomed. I was desperate to get a stunning image of the pair in the water. As those who have seen me work will tell you, I’m known for my patience, but it was seriously being tested on this occasion.

Evie the Boxer cross in a lake at sunset

We persevered and did eventually get the image we needed, along with several other great portraits of each dog, and no harm came to either pup nor human. Another wonderful thing about Tiggers is, despite causing complete chaos, you can't help but love them.

Tigger the Boxer pup and Evie the Boxer cross splashing in a lake at sunset


Have you had a photo opportunity go wrong? I’d love to see and hear about your funny fails.

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