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Love Thy NAYBR! (Fun Dog Show)

(If you see one of your puppies in these pics, please feel free to download, save and share wherever you like!)

Boxer puppy sat in a field at a dog show

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love Boxer dogs, and for years Bounders has loved and supported the charity Notts & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue (or NAYBR for short!). Well last weekend saw the return of the Annual NAYBR Family Fun Dog Show, which we love, and after a few years of cancellations (due to Covid 19/lockdown n' all that) we were NOT going to miss out on attending!

Granted, it was a bit warm, but we had a fab time meeting up with lots of old friends and making new ones!

Notts & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue do some incredible work, it's all volunteer-based and all for the dogs. The success stories they have are so inspiring, and having worked with MANY of the dogs who have been through their hands, I can tell you first hand what an amazing and fully committed job they do, fostering, re-homing and fundraising for this bonkers breed!


(Disclaimer - Yes, they use a lot of my photography on their website, and yes I've worked closely with them in the past to create their fundraising calendars, but I've never received any money for any of the work I've done or the images used. Neither did they ask me to post this. Everything I do for them is voluntary and out of love for the breed and the charity, which I truly believe is one of the best small charities for dogs in the UK. )


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