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Why I wish I had better photos of my childhood dog.

Not so very long ago, my dog Scrooby turned ten. Now, she’s a little Jack Russell Terrier, and they’ve been known to live much older than that, but the fact remains, she’s not getting any younger and the hairs around her muzzle are becoming whiter and more numerous.

Dog on a framed canvas
- Portrait of Scrooby we have on our wall at home -

I’ve found myself appreciating her more and more each day, whereas I used to take it for granted that she’s simply always around, at home and at work. It’s difficult to admit to myself that she won’t be there forever, and heaven help me when that day comes… The good news is I now have some amazing portraits to remember her by. I wish I had better photos of my childhood dog ‘Tribble’.

A dog and cat lying on a mat outdoors
- The best photo I have of my childhood dog 'Tribble' with our cat 'Oski' -

As the years pass, all I have left to galvanise the memories are the faded family snaps of our special dog, my bestest friend, my protector. It was he who taught me many of the skills I now use every day. Non-verbal, almost subconscious, instinctive and vital to communicating with, and understanding our furry friends. Tribble was almost 17 when we said goodbye. I was only 9. I still weep when I think of him decades later…

I really do understand the incredible bond you have with your dog, and the indescribable grief that often follows far too soon. I’ve lived it, I’ve felt it. It’s the reason I always go above and beyond to ensure I capture your dog the way you’ll want to remember them. I simply won’t stop until we get it, even when it takes hours.

Old dog walking through field near gate, blue skies
- 'Yuki', during one of our Senior Celebration Experiences -

To help during your precious pup's final chapter, where situations can change fast and every single day counts, we created the Senior Celebration Experience, with priority and flexibility in mind. We listen closely. We clear space in our diaries and work with you to find the earliest possible opportunity to bring you a great photo session full of cherished memories that you can look back on with fondness.

The other day I was deeply humbled to receive a message from a client after we’d posted a portrait from her Bounders Experience. She’d gotten in touch when she thought she was close to losing her precious pup. We dropped everything, and I headed on down to Norfolk and, well… I’ll let her tell you the rest.

“Oh my goodness, my beautiful Tootsie! Seeing this pop up in my feed just now has reduced me to tears... Thank you so, so much Bounders Dog Photography for the precious memories you helped us create of my beloved Tootsie.

"Having the canvas prints and framed photos in pride of place in our living room is a daily reminder of just how truly special and brave my little 'Tripawd Warrior Princess' was and her courage continues to inspire me every day.

It's almost a year already since she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I am so glad we did this wonderful session with Joe and I'm so incredibly grateful for your assistance and for going above and beyond to make this experience a truly special one for me and my beautiful doggies, Tootsie & Phoebe.

I would urge anyone who is considering a 'Senior Celebration' Experience with Bounders for their cherished furry family member, to please, please do it! The memories you will make will help you through that very emotional time.

Love and woofs to everybody from Angel Tootsie, 'mum' Laura, and sausages Phoebe & Frank Jr”

- Laura F.

If you’d like to know more about our Senior Celebration Experience, or any of our other Experiences, click here.

If it’s something you’ve thought about doing, please do get in touch. I’m always happy to answer any questions. Email me

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