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Bounders UK Tour: Scotland

Bounders Dog Photography - Scotland Tour 2019

What we did on our (not so) little road trip!

In September, Joe and Debs embarked on the epic journey to Scotland that was part of the first ever Bounders UK Tour! With dog sitting, baby sitting and sleeping arrangements to think of, this one certainly took some planning but we got there and very much enjoyed the views as we drove up. We got to meet some wonderful pooches and their equally wonderful owners while we were there too - it was one of our top adventures of 2019!

DAISY & DELILAH First to get in front of the camera were Daisy and Delilah who we met just west of Edinburgh. Originally booked for just Daisy the Labradoodle, we were so excited when her owner let us know there was a new addition to the family who would be coming along too, Delilah the deaf white Boxer pup! They played beautifully together and we were so happy to capture both their sweet-natured personalities as well as their quirky sides! A great first shoot!

NERO Next up we headed further north to Portlethen in Aberdeenshire to meet Nero, the Black Labrador. He showed us all his favourite places, including a few wheat fields, woodlands and a lovely stream to have a splash in. We may have lost a tennis ball but we gained a good tour guide. At 10 years old, he certainly still bounces around like a pup.


After leaving Portlethen, we travelled over to Banchory where Joe went off for an evening session with a Basset Hound, a Spaniel and a Labrador. Unfortunately, no mid-shoot photos but they all had a fun time playing in the forests, trying to chase off the midges and enjoying the sunset. The morning after, we met up with Eddie the Cockapoo, our last shoot of the trip. Again, we took to the breath taking woodlands and watching Eddie bounce along in the undergrowth like a gazelle was an absolute delight. Smiles all round! We found a great spot with a beautiful stream, you know Joe means business when he takes off his shoes and socks to go in the water with the dog!! Tiring, but super fun, we enjoyed all of our shoots on this trip and fell in love with Scotland so much that we are already planning our next visit!

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