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Open Sesame!

This is Sesame! ...The Shiba Inu with a big personality!

Sesame the Shiba Inu - Bounders Dog Photography

Ever so often a pup comes along who just loves performing for the camera. This week it was the turn of Sesame.

Now, poor little Sesame has been waiting for his time in the limelight for almost a whole year, for one reason or another. Bad weather and family emergencies have led to a series of rescheduling, the likes of which we have never seen at Bounders!

Sesame the Shiba Inu - Bounders Dog Photography

But he certainly made up for the delays on this stunning April day with a series of awesome poses, and plenty of 'zoomies' between each portrait, wrapping me up in the long line multiple times!

Now, as some of you will know, Shiba's are not a breed you let off the lead lightly. Their hunting instincts are super strong and they are prone to disappearing off in pursuit. So it's sometimes necessary to keep them on lead during the photo session. This is not a big problem, as you can see, with a little Photoshop trickery, we can take them all out again.

Most dogs do not pose. That's what makes what I do such a fun challenge. I even have those who outright refuse to be photographed! (Don't worry, we have ways of persuading them) Sesame loved posing so much though, I even managed to get a quick selfie with the star of the show!...

Sesame the Shiba Inu getting a quick selfie with Joe - Bounders Dog Photography

Is your dog not good off-lead? Not a problem, there's always a way around any issues you may be worried about - Just get in touch and I'll talk you through the options :)

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