How to Beat the Winter Blues...

Almost anyone can become a dog whisperer....with a big enough bag of treats!

- Scrooby's Outward Bounders -

I'll level with you... This winter has been pretty miserable. It's been cold, yes, but it's also been very wet. Snow followed rain, followed snow, followed rain, and this huge volume of water hasn't really had a chance to drain properly, turning everything to mud!

But!!! In between the miserable days have been some wonderful ones. Bright blue skies, crisp clean horizons, producing some lovely these of 6 month old pup Harry.

Sometimes you just have to get out there, wrap up warm and go in search of adventure. And that's what our dog walking group does! Named after my dog, Scrooby's Outward Bounders is a group of over 200 Facebook members.

We get as many of us together as possible every 6 weeks or so to give our dogs a really good run out and play together. Many of these dogs are dogs I've photographed, and their parents have become good friends. Some are people and pups we've never met who just love walking. Last weekend we went to the home of Robin Hood, and this band of Merry Pups had a whale of a time charging around Sherwood Forest all afternoon.

We had routes of varying lengths for all abilities, but all routes culminated at the Major Oak, which still stands, despite being propped up by an array of posts and cables.

For two ladies, this was their first proper walk out since they'd both suffered strokes, and they both thoroughly enjoyed their time out with great friends and fun pups. Another lady brought her rescue pup along to help socialise with other dogs. Although a little nervous at first, she soon relaxed and enjoyed the company of all the other dogs. Personally, just seeing the smiles on these ladies' faces beat my winter blues. In the short time we've been doing these walks, good friendships have been born, and many, many laughs and smiles have filled the air. For some it's the company, for others it's just getting out the house. For all it's the unity that owning and loving a dog can bring...

My advice to beating the winter blues? Get a dog :p

If you'd like to join us on our adventures, Scrooby's Outward Bounders - Click here.

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