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No-one approaches Dog Portrait Photography in quite the same way as Joe.

His vibrant and dynamic style is the product of over a decade of professional experience and development.   His unorthodox techniques and hands-on approach ensures the pups have a fun, relaxed and playful photo session. Constantly engaging with the dogs, taking pictures as he goes, Joe captures their true character up close and personal. Joe has helped hundreds of families experience wonderful adventures with their dogs, leading to truly stunning and unique portraits that they will cherish forever.


Joe has worked as a professional photographer for well over a decade.

His formal study of photography started at high school in California. Shortly afterwards back in the UK,

he excelled at Photography A-level, leading to an honours degree in Photographic & Digital Media at the Cambridge School of Art (2006). He started his career working freelance for event photographers, covering motorcycle track days, horse trials and dog agility, before landing a job as a staff photographer with the North West Evening Mail, a regional daily paper based in the Lake District.

In the five years there he gained both the industry's NCTJ and NCE qualifications, enabling him to quickly rise to the level of senior photographer. This journalistic experience has produced a fully rounded photographer and videographer, who has continually taught himself many methods, specialising in

on-location flash and studio techniques.

Before starting Bounders Dog Photography, his work had already been published in multiple regional and national media publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph, Performance Bikes, and the BBC, and his commercial images have traveled the globe with brands such as Hawkshead Relish.


Bounders Dog Photography was founded in 2015 when Joe was inspired to 'try something new' by his

Jack Russell puppy Scrooby....


WhatsApp Image 2017-06-26 at 10.23.55 AM

Behind every great man is an even greater woman,

and wife Debs joined the business following the birth of their daughter Jessica.

Jess has been brought up surrounded by her dad's artwork and she adores meeting all the puppies at shows and walks.

It comes as no surprise her first word was "dog"! 

Starting a business and a family at the same time isn't really a smart idea, but that hasn't stopped them following their dream. 

Now every working day revolves around the family, as the business grows from strength to strength.

It is more than just a company, this is our life, our passion,

and our love. 


PHOTOS - We have literally thousands of images in this style, a wide range of breeds and everything from puppies to oldies. We can supply regular or one-off content for blogs and publications.

ARTICLES - Joe has always been good at story telling, through the lens or with the pen. Heck, he wrote all this and you're still reading it... He can write articles on a range of topics covering photography and dogs.

EXPERT OPINION - Having worked close up and personal with well over 300 dogs in the last 3 years, Joe has gathered a wealth of knowledge on dogs and our relationship with them. Everything from badly abused rescue cases to the spoilt little princesses, he understands how to get the best out of each one.

COMPETITION PRIZES - Depending on the competition, we can offer anything from a Bounders calendar, book (coming soon!), awesome branded clothing to a mini photo session

or a full Photo Package worth hundreds. 

LINKS AND PUBLICITY - We can promote you on our own website, in our newsletter and social media platforms to our army of over 12.5K dog crazy fans.

Joe and frames natural oak.jpeg
JOE_4343 copy.jpg


LINKS BACK TO OUR WEBSITE - We are looking to build on our brand and our following, while improving our SEO status with links back to our website.

PROMOTION & PUBLICITY - We want to get the Bounders name in front of more dog crazy people. We are building an awesome brand here at Bounders, based around (but not limited to) our unique imagery.


Every shout out and linkback we can get would be greatly appreciated.  


If you think this sounds like something you'd like to get involved with,

or you have an idea or request, 

give Joe a call on 07934 529 562

or email

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