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Heath, Derbyshire, United Kingdom S44 5QJ

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Ask Joe


Some of the regular questions we get asked


"He's not a very good model, he won't stay in one spot, or he'll look the other way"

Sound like your dog? Sounds like nearly every dog I've ever worked with! Very few just sit there or do exactly what they are told. It's all part of being a dog, and partly why we love them so much! So don't worry, your dog will not be a problem. I have tried and tested techniques to keep them engaged. Plus, there are no time restrictions to our photo sessions, so we go until we get the pics!


"Is it all just Photoshopped? Do we just send you a picture?"

It is a genuine surprise to some to find out that we don't have a studio, we don't use a green screen and we don't just insert a photo of your dog into a nice background. It's all real - There is some editing done, yes, but a lot less than you'd expect and no more than any other professional photographer would do. So I'm afraid you will have to bring your dog along to an outdoor location, we will have to go on a fun adventure together, and your dog will have to have a great time in the process. 


"I've got 3 dogs, is that 3 times the price? Can I only bring one at a time?"

Good News! We allow up to 3 dogs on each Experience before any extra cost is added. The time is divided up between them, and I do my best to get some featuring them all together. 

After 3 dogs, its £45 per extra dog. This covers the extra social media images, and includes the extra time needed to work with more dogs. 


"We live far away, our dog doesn't like travelling. Could you come to us?"

Most of our clients travel to us, as we have great locations here in Derbyshire. We've had people travel from all over the UK to visit us. Some even stay overnight or plan a mini walking holiday in the Peak District! Ask us, we can help with local hotels etc...

But if you can't get to us, or your dog hates car journeys, we do travel to most places in the UK. There is a fee needed to cover expenses, and this varies as to how far away you are. Call us to discuss this further.


"My dog looks like a drowned rat when it rains, what do we do?"

Simple answer, we reschedule, at no extra cost... We can't control the weather, but we can work around it. Bad weather is no fun for anyone, and your photos will suffer. 

I watch the weather and get in touch with you to discuss options at least 24 hrs before the session. Sometimes it may be a "we'll wait and see", as the forecast can be spectacularly wrong, or we might be able to dodge a downpour by shifting the times a little. Other times we'll know a lot sooner and we will simply find another time/date to suit. 


"My dog has no recall, so we never let our dog off-lead. They may never come back!"

Most of the time I work with your dog off-lead. This gives them freedom to play and interact with me without complication. However, there are certain dogs/breeds that I'd advise we keep on a lead, and you'll know better than I if your dog is one of these. Instead, we usually work with a longer thin lead that allows your dog to move fairly freely without being able to run away. This can pose a bit more of a challenge, as it will be you who is attached to your dog! But with a little collaboration and choreography, we'll get the pics we're looking for, and have a lot of fun in the process.


"My dog is a rescue and doesn't like men/people/other dogs.

I'm worried that she will get too stressed or not behave well"

This is a varied and complex topic. The best thing to do is have a chat with me about your particular concern. There is always a possibility that your dog may react negatively to me or the experience, but generally speaking most dogs take to me eventually, if not straight away.

There is no time limit set, and I spend as long as it takes to earn your dog's trust (sometimes this can be hours, and that's OK). I'm yet to find a dog who I can't win over (and we have several reviews that claim I'm some sort of dog whisperer!) but just in case your dog is the first, we offer a full money-back guarantee, so there's no risk in trying. Be assured, your dog's welfare is in the forefront of my mind throughout our time together.


"I've never had a photo session with my dog before. What should I bring?"

Our Experiences are a bit like going on a big walk! So bring what you would normally take on a long walk. Poo bags, water, leads and a towel is a very good idea. Also, bring along a few things your dog loves. Treats, a ball, toys etc... whatever your dog goes doolally for!

For yourselves, make sure you have a good pair of shoes/walking boots, (you'll be walking through fields which can be muddy or uneven), and adequate clothing to be out for several hours (warm coat and hat/ sunscreen and shades).

So nothing super special, just a bit of common sense.  

Happy to Chat


If we've not covered your queries above, please just fill in the form below and we'll get back to you asap. Or if you'd prefer, call Joe on 07934 529 562.