Includes £50 Wall Art Credit & Social Media Pack
(Prize worth £135)

Your chance to win the BEST Dog Photography Experience in the UK!

Go on a multi-award winning adventure with Joe to capture some amazing portraits of your dog, then sit down and choose your favourite images, with options to have some of them turned into stunning wall art to hang in your home.



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This competition is run on our Facebook page.

For the next few weeks it will be our pinned post.

Click the link below and find the post near the top of the page...


Each round starts at 8pm every Thursday and lasts until the following Wednesday at 8pm.

To vote for your favourite, select either a 'Heart' or a 'Wow' on each of the images.

'Heart' for the dog on the left (Cocoa). 'Wow' for the dog on the right (Jessie).


(The emoji menu pops up from the 'Like' button)

On desktop:

Hover over the 'LIKE' button until the emoji menu appears. Select either the 'Heart' or 'Wow' icon.

On mobile/personal device:

Press and hold the 'LIKE' button until the emoji menu appears. Select either the 'Heart' or 'Wow' icon.

Comments with Hearts and Wows will not be counted as votes! You must select from the 'Like' button menu on the image you are voting for (not the original post!). The position of the 'Like' button varies depending on platform, but you either have to hover, or click and hold, to display the emoji menu.  

Please SHARE this competition with ALL your dog loving friends!!

Dos & Donts


Terms and conditions

Please note: Although hosted on Facebook, this competition is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Facebook.

The winning photo session will take place nr. Hardwick Hall (S44 5QJ). If you can’t make it to this location, please don’t enter. The winner will be required to have a photo taken with their finished artwork for publicity purposes.

Entering your dog's photo

Make sure you have 'Liked' the entry post. Attach your photo as a comment to the entry post. 

Only 1 dog in each photo entry please! If there is more than one dog in the photo, it will not be included in the competition. If you have multiple dogs, you can enter them separately with individual photos. Make sure to include your dog's name in the comment. No name may result in exclusion. Tag a friend who has a dog(s). 32 dogs will be selected to go head to head in a knock-out competition decided by public vote over the next 5 weeks. Opponents will be chosen at random. In the unlikely event of a tie, Joe will choose the winner. Winners from each week will go through to the next round to do battle again and again until there is only one left. If there are any disputes or issues, Joe has the final decision on ALL aspects of the competition.


If your dog is selected for the battles

Due to concerns voiced in past battle competitions, we would like to confirm the following.

You can share your dog's battle post wherever you like. It isn't a requirement, but entrants in past competitions have found it very helpful to share their dog's battle post in Facebook groups they are members of, or on other social media platforms, in order to drum up votes - this is not against the rules of our competition so share away!

Again, any disputes or issues, Joe has the final decision on ALL aspects of the competition.

Voting on battles

You can vote for just one dog per battle by selecting either the 'Love' or 'Wow' emoji from the Like menu for each image. COMMENTS DON'T COUNT!! - Please see above 'How To Vote' section for clear instructions on voting. The winner of each head-to-head battle is the one with the most votes at the close of voting. Please note: When votes reach 1000, facebook displays the results as '1k' or '1.2k'. This means if voting is very close it is not clear who is winning. The way we know who has the most votes, is that Facebook always lists the most emojis first, on the left. So whoever is on the left when voting closes is the winner. Vote closing times and dates for each round will be clearly written on each post. In the result of a tie, Joe will cast the deciding vote. Each winner will go through to the next round where their opponent will be chosen at random to do it all over again, and again, until there is only one.

General etiquette

Please remember that these are real people's dogs, just like yours. They are each an extremely special member of someone's family, and therefore silly or hurtful comments are not welcome and will be removed. This could even result in exclusion from the competition if Joe deems the offence serious enough. If you feel you need to say something, I strongly suggest talking to Joe first - You can email Joe here.

So, please, just be nice - It's just a bit of fun.

Any questions or issues, please email 

We will always reply asap, and always be as helpful and fair as we can be. 

"We are thankful to all Bounders fans and want to give back when we can, so please don't take it so seriously.

At the end of the day, this competition is just a bit of fun. Please treat it that way :) " - Joe & Debs


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